Bytemon Network & Resource Monitor FAQ

Welcome to the Bytemon Network & Resource Monitor FAQ. Here you will find the Bytemon FAQ lists, and links to some "How To..." guides.

Other Resources

If you want to learn more about WinPcap's filter configuration options, see the WinPcap web page.

To find MIB files check these sites:

Bytemon Network & Resource Monitor Howtos

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Bytemon Network & Resource Monitor FAQs

Trial Version, Registration Keys and Installation

Where can I download the free trial version?
Please go to and download the setup program. If you are behind a firewall blocking the download of executable files, choose to download the .zip archive, and use the archive software of your choice to unpack the setup program. Start the setup program with a double click.

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The Trial Version is fully functional for 30 days after installation. After this time, the restrictions of the freeware license apply. After you purchase and register a license, the freeware limitations are removed.

What can I do when I lose my registration key?
Please go Customer Service Center and request the key. It will then be sent to your email address again.

What version am I using?
There are three ways to find out which version you are using

How do I know there is an important update?
In the preferences dialog, enable "Check For Updates". Also, make sure that your firewall allows Bytemon to connect to our web server ( This will notify you whenever important updates of Bytemon are available.

There is a newer version available. How do I update my installation?
Download the latest version and install it on top of your current installation.