Arctor File Backup FAQ

Welcome to the Arctor File Backup FAQ.

Trial Version, Registration Keys and Installation

Where can I download the free trial version?
Please go to and download the setup program. If you are behind a firewall blocking the download of executable files, choose to download the .zip archive, and use the archive software of your choice to unpack the setup program. Start the setup program with a double click.

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The Trial Version is fully functional for 30 days after installation. After this time, the restrictions of the freeware license apply. After you purchase and register a license, the freeware limitations are removed.

What can I do when I lose my registration key?
Please go Customer Service Center and request the key. It will then be sent to your email address again.

What version am I using?
There are three ways to find out which version you are using

How do I know there is an important update?
In the preferences dialog, enable "Check For Updates". Also, make sure that your firewall allows Bytemon to connect to our web server ( This will notify you whenever important updates of Bytemon are available.

There is a newer version available. How do I update my installation?
Download the latest version and install it on top of your current installation.

Error Messages

Arctor service unable to access a directory ("Permission denied")
When setting up Arctor Service, make sure the service runs under an account that has read access to all the files you want to backup, and full access to the archive directories.


My rule does not backup the files I expected
Be careful about the Include/Exclude Filter masks. A Filter mask *.* does not select files without an extension. If you want to select all files, use just * instead.

Archiving fails for some files (ie. Outlook's *.pst or the Windows registry)
Archiving the contents of a file exclusively opened and in use by the corresponding application is critical, since the file may be inconsistent at the time it is backed up. We therefore recommend to close the corresponding application prior to rule execution to release its lock on the file to be archived. In case of the registry, just export the important parts to files using the windows registry editor and then set up a rule to archive these files. After restoring these files, you can double click them to reimport the settings into the registry.
If you still want to you backup exclusively opened files, you may want to consider evaluating
Open File Manager™ of St. Bernard Software (UK) Ltd. For easy integration with Arctor, we provide an OFM agent file and detailed installation instructions here.