CleanMail - SpamTrap/Honeypot Filter

Antispam Filter for Exchange, IMail, Domino and any other mail server
Spam traps or honeypots can be used to lure spam to special mail addresses. Messages received for these addresses are all used to train the Bayesian classifier of the SpamAssassin filter.

SpamTrap Filter Setup

CleanMail Server provides a special spam trap filter. Spam trap filters learn all messages processed as spam mails, and delete them immediately.

To use this filter, create a new account such as, With this address, do all the things you normally shouldn't do: Put it somewhere on your web site for a spam bot to pick up; post into newsgroups with this address as your mail address; use it on every web site that takes registrations; etc. Enter this as a spam trap address for the spam trap filter (you do not need to configure this account on your mail server, it is not necessary that this account exists).

CleanMail SpamTrap Filter Setup

After time, you should get lots of spam mail to this address.

CAUTION: Never forward spam mail to the honeypot address for learning. The act of forwarding modifies mails in unexpected ways; to learn a forwarded mail will be useless or even counter-productive.