CleanMail Anti Spam - SpamAssassin Filter

Anti Spam Filter for Exchange, IMail, Domino and any other mail server
CleanMail includes the award-winning SpamAssassin™ product, one of the world's most advanced anti spam filtering engines to protect you against all kinds of spam mails.

SpamAssassin Filtering

SpamAssassin combines the most effective and advanced anti spam technologies into one powerful solution that accurately determines if a message is or is not spam. It uses a comprehensive list of heuristic rules and checks to score messages. This filtering is completely automated, and spam-scoring thresholds are customizable. It also includes Bayesian spam filtering and offers many additional features, such as complete spam message reporting, header reporting and much more.

CleanMail SpamAssassin Filter Setup

SpamAssassin Spam Detection

SpamAssassin uses the following tests and techniques to identify spam:

The result of all these tests is added up to form a spam score. A mail is considered spam if the score exceeds a configurable threshold.