CleanMail - Reporting and Statistics

Anti Spam Filter for Exchange, IMail, Domino and any other mail server
CleanMail's reporting, statistics and logging facilities provide the system administrator with up-to-date status information about mail traffic, including real-time charts, server logs, and statistics.

Daily Reporting and Administration Information

CleanMail optionally sends a daily report including statistics and important administration information by e-mail. You will get a detailed analysis of mail processing activities and filter effectiveness.

CleanMail will also automatically notify you when a new version of CleanMail is available, or when another event occurs that may require administrator attention.

Realtime Live Statistics

The statistics page of the CleanMail Admin application offers a graphical visualization of CleanMail's current traffic and statistics counters. Among the data collected you will find the number of messages processed, passed, or blocked.

CleanMail Antispam Realtime Statistics

CleanMail's statistics file is also available in .csv format, and can be viewed and visualized using standard spread sheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

Message Journal

CleanMail keeps track of all messages processed. There is a record for every message, storing the transmission time, to and from address, the message subject, and whether a message has been blocked or passed. The message journal can be viewed on the report page of CleanMail Admin.