CleanMail - Complete Email Security

CleanMail is an Email Security Firewall that reliably protects your Mail Server against

With its Transparent SMTP Proxy architecture, CleanMail is able to stop unwanted emails even before they reach your Mail Server, saving you time and money by reducing the load on your servers and networks as well as the workload of the IT staff.

No More Spam and Viruses - Just Clean Mail!

CleanMail is the first Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Firewall, that was designed from the beginning to effectively provide Complete Email Security while at the same time making installation and daily usage as quick & easy as possible. With the Quickstart Installation Guide, CleanMail is usually installed and configured within 15 minutes after download. The CleanMail Admin Console provides easy-to-use wizards to reduce the time needed for administrative tasks to an absolute minimum.

CleanMail Key Features

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What Our Customers Say

More than 500,000 users worldwide rely on Byteplant products every day. But don't just take our word for it - read what our customers say and download your free trial to see how easy it is to set up and use CleanMail yourself.

"We've made the switch from Clearswift Mailsweeper to CleanMail and we couldn't be any happier. CleanMail was simple to install and is very easy to administer. We spend less time working on spam filters/rules and more time with our customer projects. Thats a huge win for us and our customers.
On top of that, CleanMail has been extremely effective with the reduction of spam in our mailboxes. The price of CleanMail is very appealing and has been nothing but a win - win for us. Excellent, stable product and excellent service. You have a true customer for life!"
Pete Raumann, WaveJam Technologies

Free Trial Download - CleanMail Server Edition

anti-spam filter CleanMail Server Setup
(If the download of .exe files is blocked by your firewall software, please download the setup as .zip archive)
Setup (.exe)
Works with all Windows versions.
Setup (.zip)
Works with all Windows versions.

How To Install CleanMail

Installation is quick and easy. Please see the Quickstart Installation Guide for instructions on how to set up CleanMail. If you have any questions, just send us an email to .
Our customer support team will be happy to assist you.